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            Common Questions About The Therapy Process

How do I get started?

First, we set up a time to meet for an initial session.  In that session, you tell me why you are seeking therapy.  Sometimes clients have very clear goals for therapy, while others simply know that they want some professional support but are not sure exactly what they want to achieve – either one is fine.  Usually I will ask for some background information during this session.  We will then begin to explore your goals or possible goals for therapy, and how we will take steps toward meeting those goals. 

How do I know if you are the right therapist for me?

I will let you know in the first session if I have the expertise to help you with your issues.  You will also be able to tell over the course of a few sessions whether you feel safe, respected and understood, and if our work together feels helpful. 

Should my partner and I do individual or couples counseling? Would you see each of us individually?

You and/or your partner can come in for an initial session at which time I can get a sense of the situation and issues and give you my recommendation for how to proceed. Depending on the situation, I may do individual work with each client as part of couples counseling.

How often do you recommend coming to therapy?

It depends.  I have found that more frequent visits, at least weekly, at the start of the process, can give us traction and result in a speedier and more effective therapy experience.  Over time, sessions can evolve into biweekly, monthly, or even a few times per year.  That said, financial limits may require that we just make it work within the number of sessions you can afford per month.

How long will I be in therapy?

It is up to you to decide. Sometimes clients need only a few sessions, others work long term in therapy and find that the regular support makes their lives happier and healthier. 

Do you have any particular approach?

My training includes psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral, intersubjective and transpersonal psychotherapy.  My approach is flexible and adapts to your unique temperament and needs.  I provide compassion and support, direct feedback about my perspectives on you and your issues, and practical/strategic problem solving. 

Danielle B. Grossman, MFT
(530) 470-2233
California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #42516

Psychotherapy services in a comfortable, private practice setting.  Located in Truckee, California.  Phone sessions available.
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