Danielle B. Grossman, MFT                                    Psychotherapy and Counseling Services

Understanding Therapy

Psychotherapy is most effective in helping clients to reach their goals when both the client and the therapist make a commitment to the therapy relationship and the therapeutic process.  

Through mutual commitment, there is safety.  With safety, change becomes possible.

Clients commit by attending sessions and doing their best, as trust develops in the therapy relationship, to share whatever is going on for them - their concerns, thoughts, feelings, and experiences.  Clients also provide feedback to me about what is or is not helpful in our work together, so I can best meet each client's unique needs.

I commit to the process by holding clear boundaries in the therapeutic relationship and by creating a space within those boundaries that is client-focused and based on compassion, respect, honesty, and my expertise in the field of psychology.

The first few counseling sessions involve an evaluation of the client's needs and goals, from which I  provide an initial treatment plan. 

Over the course of the therapy process, I share psychological insights and analysis, offer clarity and perspective on the client's situation, give feedback and direction about how to make increasingly healthy choices, and provide support for the client to make those choices.  

As with any effort to create lasting change, psychotherapy can require energy and time. 
Psychotherapy can feel frustrating because we often cannot control the pace of change. On the path toward healing, clients may go through times of increased painful feelings and may experience unexpected and difficult life situations; this is a normal part of the process.   Most people notice positive progress toward their goals if they are able to stick with therapy through those challenges.  

Danielle B. Grossman, MFT
(530) 470-2233
California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #42516

Psychotherapy services in a comfortable, private practice setting.  Located in Truckee, California.  Phone sessions available.
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