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Eating Disorders

                            Eating Disorders

Eating is a natural and enjoyable part of life. It is pleasure, connection, memory, comfort, love, and energy.

And yet so many people, even those who have the resources to obtain enough food and do not have an illness or physical disability that causes pain with eating, have deep anxiety and inner-conflict around food. This fear-based relationship with food and eating develops in all sorts of people due to a mix of genetic predisposition and life experiences and exists across a spectrum from those who are suffering with severe eating disorders to those who deal with significant internal noise and negative energy around food and eating.

I am passionate about helping people to liberate themselves from food anxiety and to find peace with food and eating.

My approach with those who struggle with food and eating anxiety is gentle but also direct.  I understand that changing food behaviors can be absolute terror for some people. This process can be slow and require continual support. I also directly address any thought patterns and behavioral patterns that reflect food anxiety and systematically help my clients to move beyond these thoughts and behaviors. And, I encourage my clients to think critically and sort through the constant flood of information about food and eating – information that is often not based in any science or facts.

Tackling food anxiety almost always means exploring body-image issues. I encourage my clients to challenge cultural prejudice against certain body shapes and sizes and to retrain their brains to see their own bodies and the bodies of others through a lens of neutrality. I help clients to consistently talk back to their internal self-criticism and to slowly build body acceptance.

I also frequently work with the parents, spouses and loved ones of those who have eating disorders.  I provide them with an accurate understanding of eating disorders and guide them to be supportive but not codependent with their loved one.


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