Danielle B. Grossman, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist  

Individual Therapy

                                    Individual Therapy

  What I Do...

In individual therapy, I help individuals deal with a range of relationship issues.  These issues include:

Borderline or Narcissistic Parent(s) or family members
Dysfunctional parent(s) or family members
Confusion about whether to stay or leave current relationship 
Blended families
Physical, psychological or verbal abuse
Repeating cycles of destructive conflict
Lack of sexual intimacy
Problems with sexual intimacy
Lack of emotional connection

I also help individuals deal with a range of personal issues such as:


Substance abuse/Addiction
Eating Disorders
Panic attacks
Life altering trauma, illness or injury
Death of a loved one
Problems with organization and time management
Chronic stress
Life transition
Negative body image 
Post-partum anxiety and/or depression
Decision paralysis
Autism spectrum disorders
Career confusion and uncertainty

I help individuals to break unhealthy patterns such as:

Unrealistic expectations of self or others
Feeling overly responsible for other people’s ‘stuff’
Staying in unhealthy relationships out of fear/guilt
Not saying no 
Suppressing emotions until they explode
Unconscious avoidance 
All/nothing thinking

I help individuals to develop:

Ability to say no
Ability to create healthy boundaries 
Direct communication
Ability to feel intense emotions without being destructive to self/others
Ability to grieve 
A sense of deep connection to life
Sense of safety in the world
Ability to be vulnerable 
Tools to manage fear, worry, sadness and anger
Ability to make choices that align with true self, values and priorities



Danielle B. Grossman, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #42516 
(530) 470-2233



Truckee Tahoe's finest individual therapy and couples counseling.  Located in Truckee, California.  Phone sessions available.

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